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Online advertising is becoming increasingly important the more we advance into the current generation of online based business and marketing. 
Google ads is a great tool to take advantage of this for those who want to get their business out into the large expanse of the world wide web. Whether your business is new or old, big or small, google ads has the capabilities to help your online business gain more clicks and interaction. 
Get the results that matter to you: 
Of course, the main goal is to increase your businesses results, with more website clicks, online interaction and generally to attract the attention of more customers. However, there is no use in gaining the attention of people who are not interested in your goods or services, for example providing a football fan with adverts about a beauty salon is not going to be very effective for obvious reasons.  
Google Ads will target specific groups of people with relevant interests to your business so that your adverts are shown to the right people that will take an interest into what you can offer. It is no secret that cost is always a big factor when considering new avenues within your business. Google ads allows you to easily control your costs, so you know exactly what you are spending each month, each day and each advert. There is no minimum spend, and you can set any budget that works with your business! With google you really are paying for results as you only pay when someone clicks your ad. 
Show up when searched for: 
Building a strong reputation and getting your business out there can take a long time and lots of hard work. Each time you search for something through google it provides millions of results. Most people will not even get past the first page as what they are looking for will usually be near the top. Getting your webpage to the top of the list can be a difficult and lengthy task, it can take months for your website to be ranked. However, fear not as google ads appear at the top of each search page placing your business at the top of searches relevant to what you can offer. This is great exposure for your businesses web page as it will be one of the first things seen when searching anything relevant to it.  
If your business is doing well through search advertising, google can also display your adverts through other relevant websites, videos and apps which will again increase the number of clicks and interaction within your online business. 
Know your customers: 
As a business owner you want to know as much as possible about your customers so you can maximise your output and focus on who is coming through your door. Google ads provides constant feedback and in-depth analysis of your business webpage so you can easily monitor the intent of customers visiting your page and what exactly is causing the most traffic and interaction. If you have a specific audience you would like to market to, google allows you to create a specific target audience by giving you the option to choose; keywords, locations, ages, times and dates and even different devices used to search. Google will take all of this into account before advertising your business, so you have as much knowledge and understanding of your customers as possible. 
Taking advantage of a platform like Google Ads can be key to success in the world we are living in today, reaching out to customers through the internet and social media is an important step to having a successful business in 2021.For many of us, the thought of taking this step can be scary and somewhat unknown, which is why a platform like Google ads can be so beneficial. It allows you to target todays ever growing online market very easily with no stress as they provide all your information in an organised and accessible fashion 
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