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Hi, I’m Rachel the newest team member here at Specky & Ginge. I want to introduce you to a new and exciting platform that we are exploring for our growing client base. 
After watching numerous Tik Tok clips at the creative hands of my daughter showcasing her younger sibling performing like a circus monkey on their trampoline to delicately styled samples of music, I didn’t expect this video platform to be leading the way across the seas in Asia and the United States as the most popular social video tool! 
Tik Tok (or musical.ly as previously known), is a free Android and IOS app that allows its users to become their own video producers of short clips spanning between 3 – 15 seconds or short looping videos of between 3 – 60 seconds to accompanying music. Clips can either be sped up or slowed down for added uniqueness and is extremely user-friendly. Since the dawn of social media, lip syncing videos have stood the test of time among teenagers, and they appear to be showing no signs of calling time yet with thanks to Tik Tok. 
As of October, last year, Tik Tok has stood proudly in first place shadowing the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram as being the most downloaded app in The United States. It’s wide spreading popularity makes downloading accessible in over 150 markets and available in over 70 different languages! 
So, there is no time like the present to announce Specky and Ginge themselves are going to be utilising Tik Tok as a very important promotional and social tool for one of their highly successful clients. Having a teenage client base, what faster and easier way to spread this client’s firm popularity than through a platform that boasts over 500 million global users! 
Tik Tok with its many easy to use features from camera filters, editing tools, to the new “react” tool provides a blank canvas for creators to produce their own unique material and share to family and friends on a vast scale! Time is of the essence – get creating! 
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