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With the most successful online platform for connecting like-minded business professionals rolling out its new features for 2019, it’s certainly a good time to talk!  
LinkedIn provides the tools to amalgamate businesses on a global scale, but now things are about to get more intimate! 
LinkedIn boasts a new homepage with new algorithms and human editors that will make it even easier for businesses of any size and style to unify with their fellow 590 million members and 30 million pages! 
Converse, give advice, or get those creative juices flowing with new messenger features – the medium is certainly the message here! Any time, any place, anywhere you can stay in touch or schedule a time to chat by simply tapping LinkedIn’s calendar icon to receive access to your mobile’s calendar and pinpoint relevant timeslots to have a cuppa and natter. 
Also, how about having the ability to strike up a conversation with a potential client or employee at the touch of a button? Introducing LinkedIn’s customizable “Call to Action” button! Located on your revamped company page, this new feature will help you cement invaluable links to the LinkedIn chain. 
You can also narrate and share your company’s PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents, and PDFs with fellow professionals by simply uploading them directly onto your feed, group or page. Hashtags can be used on your page to get members listening and responding to relevant conversations, and you will be able to re-share and respond to any relevant posts, such as client testimonials to further broaden your brand’s identity. 
Hootsuite has also grabbed a piece of the LinkedIn action by improving publishing tools, and striking engagement with audiences in order to monitor their behaviour via LinkedIn Notifications. 
Now is the time to create a ‘chain reaction’ to reach success through using LinkedIn’s explosive features! 
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