Specky & Ginge LTD provides exceptional, people led social media marketing, personalised  
for your business - at an affordable price. 
Sometimes bigger is better. That’s why we’re expanding our services so we are more accessible to a wider range of clients. We are fully aware that some clients will need more help than others too and that’s not a problem at all. We’re happy to give as much or as little input as required. 
We understand that each business is unique in its needs. So, whether you run a tiny business from your bedroom or a huge operation in a warehouse, as well as our bespoke social media packages, where we do everything for you (apart from make you a cuppa!) Here are other ways we can help. 
Social Media Audits 
Are you getting the most out of your social media profiles? Are you reaching as many people as possible? You may not even know that your profiles are not performing as well as they could be. Our audits use engagement and impression data to assess how well your profiles are performing. Then, we can work out what works and what doesn’t work for your audiences and then work together to tailor your profiles to get the best out of them! Simple. 
Post Templates 
We can provide branded post templates to ensure that your profiles are always looking great and providing information in the most efficient yet effective way. Plus, it could save you hours on designing posts yourself! 
Support and Training 
Some clients are eager to learn more about boosting their online marketing strategy through social media so we offer training sessions on exactly that. Plus, we’re always around for support and advice and understand your needs are different to any other business. 
One-Off Campaigns 
You may want to use this a trial period or you may really need to nail an upcoming promotion. Our one-off campaigns are ideal for both of those scenarios! You’ll be sure to see what you’ve been missing out on. 
We want to reassure you that we can have great flexibility to work with any changes within your business. Anything from a rebrand to a takeover, we can provide solutions to it all. We’ve proved over the past 9 years that we can change as your business changes and we will always do what’s best for your unique business. There is no ‘one size fits all’ with us! 
If you need any kind of help with your social media profiles, no matter how big or small the issue and size of your business, look no further - just give us a shout! 
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