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Let’s be honest, the lives we are all currently living are heavily reliant on social media. We use it to talk to our friends and family which we can no longer meet and go for a coffee, to promote our businesses and other endless amount activities. But is the social media we know and love becoming less social and more exhausting? 
Fake news, online abuse and performance activism are only a few of the problems we are dealing with on social media, and it is getting worse. In the spring of 2020 Paul Davison and Rohan Seth released a new refreshing social media platform called Clubhouse. A place where they hope to create “a social experience that is focused on connection, learning, and authentic conversations.” 
How it works 
The app is so simple and easy to use. Users can listen in to conversations, interviews and discussions between interesting people on various topics. Once you are in you can join any chat room you desire. Of course, to be able to use Clubhouse you will need to apply for and receive an invite (which you can do quickly and easily through the club house app. This regulates the users and helps keep the platform free of any spam and unwanted content that we DO NOT want to see. There will be some scheduled events with arranged speakers as well as impromptu discussions. You can keep your microphone on mute or join in the conversation if you wish just like we have all been doing in our zoom calls and video meetings. If you are not quite feeling it then you can just simply leave the chat room and join another. You can even create your own if you fancy it. Clubhouse also organise all these events on your app calendar, so you won’t miss any of your favourite speakers. 
Run into your favourite celebs! 
The main rules of Clubhouse: be open-minded, respectful and don’t freak out when you come across a celebrity. Yes, you heard that right, Clubhouse as well as being a fun and refreshing way to stay in contact with your friends and the outside world, it is also packed with loads of big name celebrities, CEOs, musicians and entrepreneurs. Do not be surprised if you find yourself in the same ‘room’ as Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey or Elon Musk. It doesn’t just stop there either: Jared Leto, John Mayer, Swizz Beatz, Ashton Kutcher and Jodie Turner Smith are all members too. Having a platform which allows for people of all corners of our social lives to communicate gives off a great sense of connection and realism. Last year Kevin Heart joined a chat room called, “Is Kevin Heart Funny?” a room I am sure he joined with many questions circling his mind. However, after the chat Kevin tweeted, “Had an amazing conversation in the Clubhouse app today… Real talks with real people.” This really shows what the Clubhouse app is trying to achieve by really bringing people together. 
Sign Me Up! 
Clubhouse is invite-only. Each new member can only invite one person to join, so you better stay close to all your best-connected pals and start installing the idea that you want an invite. As of 1st February 2021, Clubhouse now has 2 million users… which has increased rapidly from just 600,000 users last year. “The clubhouse community decide who gets an invite” the app have said, this again adds to the communal sense of the app and really connects the apps users with who and what they want to be seeing which will really improve their overall experience on the app. The app is becoming increasingly popular over the globe whether you are from the U.K, U.S, China or anywhere you will not want to be missing out on what this app has to offer. 
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