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Free Blog Friday was an opportunity for 5 businesses to have a free blog written by us and shared on our social channels for extra exposure. 
Meet Julie L Timms - The Diarrhoea Controller. Julie is our 4th Free Blog Friday. She is a breath of fresh air when it comes to helping people control their bowels. A sensitive subject for sure, but Julie is so down to earth and open to a fun approach to what she offers, whilst remaining respectful. 
Here is the blog we created for her - For Sh*ts and Giggles. 
I have a couple of questions for you, I make no apologies for this frank, open and honest blog – this is me and why I help people in the way I do. Would you sell your soul to the devil to get your loose stools or chronic diarrhoea problem under control? 
Are you shrouded in anger, fear, guilt, shame and embarrassment? 
Most of my clients are terrified anyone will find out and judge them. Nobody wants to talk about their bowels, especially if they have major diarrhoea problems. I’m a big believer that it helps you to help people if you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. 
So, Here Is My Story 
I have been there, done it, sent the postcard and starred in the chronic diarrhoea movie! (What would they call the movie? Let me have your suggestions! “You Drive Me Round The U Bend”? “Screaming Sh*ts 1,2,3 and 4 The Return Of”!) 
I would have given anything to control my chronic diarrhoea problem. Literally anything! But I found dead end after dead end in my quest for help. Surly if I needed help, I wasn’t alone? Surely other people need help too. 
In 1991, I was hospitalised in Greece with a serious case of food poisoning. Ever since then, I suffered with loose stools, chronic diarrhoea and faecal incontinence. 
Until, I put myself on my own designed Diarrhoea Controller Programme. And now my diarrhoea is fully under control. This programme can help you too. 
Did you know? 
• Bowel cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the UK (Cancer Research UK) 
• The split of men and women who seek my help is roughly 50/50. 
• 1/4 of IBS-D sufferers suffer with faecal incontinence. 
• 1/2 of people with faecal incontinence have not told their G.P., spouses, family or friends. 
I am driven by finding solutions, answers and suggestions - and I hate excuses, bullsh*t and lies. 
I specialise in helping people over the age of 18 who suffer with loose stools/chronic diarrhoea and faecal incontinence. People who are desperate to control their problem in a safe, natural and harmonious way and work with the whole of the body as one. Not just focus on diet, food and eating! 
Do you have any of these concerns? 
• Fear of not getting to a toilet on time 
• Fear of not knowing where the nearest toilet is 
• Fear of making noises and smells when going to the toilet 
• Fear of making a mess of themselves or their surroundings 
• Fear of smelling of poo 
If you’ve been diagnosed with either: non-functional gastrointestinal Disorder (NFGID) or functional gastrointestinal disorder (FGID), gastrointestinal motility disturbance, functional dyspepsia with diarrhoea, problem exercise-induced diarrhoea or Irritable Bowel Syndrome with diarrhoea (IBS-D). I can help you. 
Have you reached the end of line with the medical profession? Have you been told there’s nothing more they can do? Have you been told you have to live with it? Do you feel unsupported and fobbed off with no real answers or explanation? I have been there too. 
Because of this, I devised my very own, highly successful 12-week programme. Carried out on a 1-2-1, weekly basis, online. All consultations are discreet, your confidentiality is the number 1 priority. I am non-judgemental, empathetic and solution focused. 
We will look at all aspects that could be contributing to the problem, not just diet! This includes hydration, sleep, digestive health, gut flora and many, many more. 
If you want to become your own Diarrhoea Controller, please contact me for more information. 
I have just launched an interactive workbook and there will also be an online course later this year. 
A practical, down-to-earth, no-nonsense, interactive workbook and course that will help you understand more about loose bowels and diarrhoea. Learn how you can help yourself be your very own Diarrhoea Controller, in a safe, natural, happy and healthy way. 
Please contact me to register your interest. You can call me on 0777 603 1332 and don’t forget to check out my online workbook HERE
Remember - When your life is constantly in the sh*t, I’ll help you get out of it. 
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